Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Double Pink

Madison is a little girl enthralled with the color pink; in fact, she's obsessed with all things pink. She wants pink clothes, pink food and an all-pink room. She gives away all her toys that aren't pink; she has an all-pink birthday party. Finally she puts on a hot pink wig and paints her face bright pink and in a surrealistic surge of fantasy, she disappears into her pinkness and can no longer be seen by her own mom. Madison's tears wash away her face paint and she comes back to reality, deciding that red might be a nice change instead. Ingman's acrylic-and-ink illustrations use a minimalist style, with outlined details in black and liberal doses of the brightest neon pink to create Madison's monochrome world. Little girls (especially those legions who love pink) will enjoy Madison's over-the-top exploration of this favorite shade...

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